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Task 06: Marketplace

Task Name: Marketplace

Description: In case you have a lack of one resource, you can trade it for other resources with other players at the marketplace. In order to construct a small marketplace, you need a larger main building.

How to do this task: Construct marketplace. This helps introduce you to prerequisites. These mean that a set of conditions must be met before you can construct a building. To be able to build the marketplace you need a level 3 main building and a level 1 warehouse and granary. This can be seen if you click on an empty building area and look at the marketplace under the ‘soon available buildings’ list.

You already have your warehouse and granary, but you still need to upgrade your main building. If you go to your village center view you can click on your main building that is in the center of your village. Upgrade it to level 2 and then queue the upgrade to level 3 if possible; if not just wait until you have the resources to do so.  Once these upgrades are complete you can go and construct your marketplace.

Reward: lumber 600


Task 7

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