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Codex Victoria - Game Mechanics

The basic features are the same we had in the previous year's special Path to Pandora, including:

  • 5 tribes: Egyptians, Gauls, Huns, Romans, Teutons
  • Ancient Europe map
  • 87 conquerable regions that produce victory points
  • New conquering system
  • Confederacy system
  • Troop forwarding and troop merging
  • The server is won by having the highest number of victory points after 180 days

So, what’s new in Codex Victoria?

New building: the hospital

This special building gives players an option to recover troops wounded in combat.

Advanced Start

The special Advanced Start will allow you to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Your first village will start with all resource fields at level 5
  • You'll already own 6 Settlers and enough CP to settle 2 additional villages
         Note: The second and third village cannot be a 9c or 15c
  • The first 2 villages you settle will automatically have all resource fields at level 5 (further villages will have resource fields at level 0)
  • You'll will already have enough culture points to settle 2 additional villages plus 75% of the additional culture points required to settle 4th village

Onboarding New Players

A new contextual help feature will be implemented: Opening the UI for the first time will trigger an explanation of the UI elements. The aim is to improve help new players come to understand the game.

There are also some changes accompanying this system that are also very interesting for veteran players:

  • When the hero levels up, its health is restored (back to 100%). We want to reward the efforts those heroes put into gaining more and more experience in the field.
  • The quest rewards and adventure loot are added to the hero inventory. They can no longer be raided, and they will not get lost if the warehouse or granary is full. The resource items can't be sold in auction.
  • The tutorial is removed, and the task system will include new quests!
  • Adventures will never expire.

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