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New confederacy system

All new servers starting after 15.08.2019 use a new confederacy system. It is only possible to have a confederacy comprising up to four alliances, which have to be connected with each other. Non-aggression pacts are not affected by these confederacy regulations.

What does this mean?

Alliance A and Alliance B may create a confederacy as usual. Once this is done a relationship will show up in alliance diplomacy.

Path to Pandora: Confederacy

At this point, Alliance A wants to also have Alliance C in the confederacy. First the existing members of the confederacy (in this case Alliance B) must accept this request. Only afterwards Alliance C will receive the invitation and after accepting it, it will be added to the existing relationship.

An alliance might leave the confederacy at any time. It can also be kicked, if all other members agree on this.

In addition to the above you can only send resources and troop reinforcements to your own account, alliance or confederacy. In case an alliance leaves the confederacy:

  • No new reinforcements or resources can be sent. However resources which are already on their way will get delivered.
  • Reinforcements from other alliance(s) from this confederacy or from the leaving alliance at other alliance(s) from this confederacy will be sent back home after 12 hours
  • Reinforcements that are still on the way after those 12 hours are sent back immediately once they reach their target.

While public offers in the marketplace are still available for everybody, you check the "own alliance only" option to make an offer available for alliance members only.

Path to Pandora: Confederacy

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