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Special Servers - Regions and Victory Points

In the annual specials, the game takes place on a map of Ancient Europe divided into  87 regions.  In the 2020 special, Shadow Empires, factions were introduced, affecting how regions are controlled.

Regions, settling and control

The 87 independent regions can be controlled by factions, allowing them to gather victory points. In addition, the faction's biggest alliance in the controlled region can activate ancient power (artifact).

So, how can you take over a region? First, it has to be unlocked. This happens once the top 5 biggest alliances in the region have at least 4,000 population altogether in the region. The population of other alliances, players without an alliance, on vacation or banned, as well as Natar villages, is not taken into account. Once the region is unlocked, it cannot be locked again; however, if the population drops below 4k, then the region stops producing victory points, and the regional power will deactivate.

It is only possible to settle new villages in regions that are unlocked or are neighbouring unlocked regions. The only exception to this rule are a few regions at the start of the game, where new players are spawned and where it is always possible to settle new villages. Each faction has different starting region, where players are spawned. When this region gets full, newer players start appearing in another nearby region, then another and so on.

If alliances of one faction in an unlocked region manage to achieve together over 50% of the population in the region (only top 5 alliance villages in the region are counted), the faction will start taking control of the region. This takes 24 hours on regular servers, 16 hours on x2 and 12 on x3 speed. If they manage to hold the majority, they will control the region.

Information about the population of the region, the factions and top 5 alliance shares is shown in the Statistics > Region tab and in any Embassy located in the region. Keep in mind that the column "Regional population" in the statistics shows the population of the top 1 alliance in the region, not the total population in the region.

Here's an overview of regional mechanics:

Region status

How to achieve



All regions start locked.

Cannot be settled unless it neighbours an unlocked region. A few starting regions are an exception. It is also always possible to settle a second village in a region where you have your capital.


Top5 alliances in the region have to achieve a total of 4,000 population in the region.

Can be settled and contested. Cannot be locked again.


One of the factions has to achieve over 50% population in the region. Only population of the top 5 alliances count.

Can degrade to unlocked if the faction loses the majority.


The faction has to hold the majority for over 24 hours continuously.

Members of the controlling alliance can activate the ancient power of the region (if it has one) and the alliance receives victory points, as long as region population is still over 4,000.

Ancient powers and victory points 

The biggest alliance in the region that belongs to the controlling faction gets access to the ancient power of the region if it has one. Any player of that alliance may activate the ancient power. In order to do it, the player needs to have a Treasury at level 10 (for small, village-related powers) or 20 (for account-related powers). You can activate the power in any village; it doesn't have to be located in the same region as the power.

You can activate one power in each village, but only one of the powers can be used for the whole account. Once activated, the power lasts for 24 hours (regardless of server speed); afterwards, it can be reactivated if the alliance still has access to the power. One activation is free each day; each additional activation costs 5 (for village powers) or 10 (for account powers) Gold.

The power can also be deactivated under the following circumstances:

  • If you quit your alliance
  • If you lost the village where it was activated
  • If your alliance lost access to the power

Ancient powers, although very useful, are not the only benefit of controlling regions. If you want to win, your faction needs to gather victory points. Every day a faction controls a region, it earns victory points. The amount depends on the region:

  • Unique power – 20 points per day
  • Big power – 60 points per day
  • Small power – 50 points per day
  • No power – 100 or 200 points per day

Furthermore, the faction's alliances that are in top 5 of the region also receive victory points, based on their contribution in population.

The faction that gathers the most victory points at the end of the game wins. Within that faction the winner is the alliance that had the most victory points by the end.

Shadow Empires lasts 180 days on x1 and 80 days on x3 speed.

Regional population drop

If the regional population drops below 4000, the region stops producing VP and doesn't offer the regional power.

The region is still conquerable / unlocked/conquered/secured, the mechanics of conquering cooldowns is unaffected. The only change is that VP-production stops and the powers of that region are not visible in treasuries.

Example 1: 

The region is unlocked but drops below 4000 population again

  • While below 4000 population, a faction achieves >50% regional control
  • The conquer cooldown starts. Still the regional message of "too low population" is shown
  • 4000 population is achieved again.
  • The conquer cooldown is visible now.

Example 2:

  • The region is unlocked.
  • Faction Empire conquered the region with its biggest alliance A.
  • Player B uses ancient power.
  • Region drops below 4000 population.
  • Empire and alliance A do not get VP from that region, and the players cannot use the ancient power of that region.
  • Player B still has ancient power active; it is not cancelled. He just cannot reactivate it after the effect runs out.
  • Region emerges above 4000 population.
  • Empire and alliance A start to get VP production again and the alliance players can activate ancient powers again. 

Overview Map 

Click the map to open bigger version of it.

The map above shows the battlefield of annual special servers. It is ancient Europe, divided into regions. The map shows all regions borders (including on water), their names, powers and victory points. It also shows the first regions of each faction.
: this does not mean factions are limited to those regions, if there is no space for new players within those regions they will start appearing in another region nearby.

We have used short names for the ancient powers, here's an explanation of what they mean:

  • Architect – stronger buildings
  • Boots – faster troops
  • Confusion – cranny + random aim
  • Diet – less hungry troops
  • Eyes – better spies
  • Storage – great warehouse and great granary plans
  • Trainer – faster troop training

See the details about ancient powers in the artefact effects article. The effects are the same, however Annual Special servers do not have artefact of the fool (random) power.

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