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Travian UI consists of several parts:

You can manouver around when you click a bulb, which is next to Taskmaster.

Travian logo

Travian logo redirects you to Travian main page, from where, you have an access to other worlds or other usefull information.

Hero avatar

Hero avatar is a short summary of your hero. Your hero's portrait is a shortcut to hero's Attributes. Together with nick of your Hero, you can also see, where hero's current home village is.  From here, you have an easy overview of your hero's life, experience and you can easily access auctions and adventures, which number is displayed above it. This window can be closed / opened by clicking on the green arrow.

Alliance information

Bellow hero's avatar, you can see your alliance status or your alliance's name. Through icons you have an easy access to (in case you are a member of an alliance) alliance Overview and Forum and to your Embassy.

Link list

In this overview, you can find any links you add via Link list function. You can add / edit / delete these links only if you have purchased Travian PLUS.

Village view

In the top left column, next to Travian logo, you can find two modes of  the village overview. One of them, the one on left, is the overview of the outer village, from where you can access your production fields. The right button redirect you to inner village, where you can construct other buildings, such as Residence, Marketplace,...

Special game overview

In this overview, you can find four other circles, each of them special. Starting in the left, you can get to Map to see as well as your surrounding enemies and friends as to find place where you can expand. Then, the next links redirects you to Statistics, with information about your and other status. Third in row is a circle which redirects you to Reports. Any report about attack, trade, spying can be found here. The last circle redirects you to Messages.

Gold shortcut

A shining gold represents a shortcut to available purchase methods. Next to it, you can see how much gold do you have and bellow the gold, the number of your silver is displayed.

Resources overview

The information about your storage capacity of your Warehouse is displayed here and next to it, there are three types of resources displayed together with amounts currently in your possession.

Crop overview

Crop overview displayes the storage capacity of your Granary as well as crop currently stored. Last number is the amount of Free crop, which is needed for your further development.


In this part of the window, you can find all management tools. There is a link to your profile, to your account settings. Next to them, you can find a link to our Travian forum and chat. Next button redirects you to in-game help and the last one will log you out of the game.

Village information and shortcut

In this overview, you can easily access the main parts of your village – Marketplace, Barracks, Stables and Workshop, if they already exist in current village. You can also see village's loyalty and, if you click on the pen, you can edit village's name in a pop-up window.

List of villages

In this list, you have an easy overview of all your villages. You can access them through this list. Also, you can find here a shortcut to “Village Overview” and you can display your coordinates. There is also displayed the number of villages currently having compared to number of villages you can have thanks to Culture points.


In here, you can find a list of available tasks and a small bulb, which will open Travian's UI.

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