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What's with my gold at the end of a game world?

All players on a game world which finished get an e-mail containing a link. Using this link the remaining Gold can be transferred to another server / game world of the same domain; servers of one domain are available on the same mainpage version. Please find a couple of examples below:

  • de1 & dex are both connected to
  • com1 & comx are both connected to
  • The anglosphere domain is a combination of the former .au,, .nz and .us. domains. Please note it is NOT part of but a separate domain. Therefore anglosphere1 and anglospherex are both connected to

We are unable to assist you with transferring Gold to different regions / extensions.

Please keep in mind that gold transfers are all disabled on PTR servers. In addition there are special regulations for Tournament servers; please check the Tournament conditions for more details.

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