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Earn gold

There are multiple ways how to earn gold:

  • buying / transfering remaining gold;
  • exchange office;
  • inviting a player;

Inviting a friend

Any friend, which uses your personal link and joins the game, will be added to your database of invited players. Once your friend establishes a second village, you will receive 50 gold. There are no catches except that the gold cannot be transferred if you delete or the server ends. The number of people who you can share your link with is unlimited and as far as we’ve been told so is the amount of Gold you can earn.

How to invite a player?

First of all, click on the Gold circle in the upper menu and then navigate yourself to “Earn Gold” tab. There you can find your personal invitation link, which is usually in form:[server_you_play]_[your_players_id]

This link can be sent to your friends any way you want or by our Travian email. When they join the game, you will see their nicks in a similar table:

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