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How can I buy Gold from different countries

How can I buy Gold from different countries?

Travian allows players from around the world to purchase Gold using different methods. Each available country is displayed as its own payment group. Gold can be bought with SMS, a voucher, Paypal, through bank accounts and other methods.

Click on the large gold button in the upper menu to open an overlay where you can choose your international payment methods. Once the overlay is open, you can click "Change location" on the left side of the overlay. After you select your country the screen will change to show you payment methods available for your country. When you choose your country the options on the right side of the screen for "Step 2 - Select a package" will display the different purchases you can make.

My country is not on the list. What to do?

If you can't find your country on the list then it's not currently available. You can pick one of the international methods or you can try to earn gold by inviting others to play Travian or selling hero items and converting the silver to gold.

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