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Task 16: Found new village

Description: Search the map for a good spot to settle. Would you like it to be near your village, produce more of one particular resource or be near many oases? Found a second village using your settlers.

Task: Found a second village using your settlers.

How to do this task: If you have 3 settlers available, 750 units of each resource, and enough Culture points, you are able to establish a new village. Go to your map, find a suitable spot for you (it CAN'T be in oasis or wilderness). Click on the spot, and use the “Found a new village” link. After confirming, you will send your settlers to establish new village.

Text upon completion: Well done. I'll now give you another 2 days of Travian Plus - this will do you some good.

Reward: 48 hours of Plus account.

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