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Task 13: Heal hero

Your hero was slightly injured. Open the hero overview by clicking on their image. Now click on the ointments in the inventory and use them with "ok". Only the required amount will be used.

  • Click on your heroes image to open the inventory
    • Click on your heroes image as you did earlier and then scroll down to see their inventory.
  • Click on the ointments in the inventory to use them
    • The ointments will be the only item in your inventory. If you click them a popup will appear asking how many you want to use. Click okay to use them all.
    • Your hero will gain the amount of health needed to heal it up to a maximum of 10. If it takes less than that the remainders will be equipped to your hero.

All items can be used this way. Depending on the item, it is either equipped or your hero consumes it. Further details can be found in any item's description.

Your reward: Additionally, your hero receives 20 experience points. Click the ‘Collect reward’ button to receive this and continue on.

Task 14

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