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Task 12: Reports

Your hero is now on their way back from the first adventure. In the menu at the top, you can find the reports. Open the report list and read the adventure report.

  • Open the report list
    • This view is another one accessed from the top menu. Between the large gold T button and the two main village view ones there are four others. Beside one of these you will see a text box saying ‘1’ – this is your report list, click it to view them.
    • Read the new adventure report To do this just click on the subject of the report, once it has been read the ‘1’ will disappear and the envelope in the subject will change to an open one. You can read more about reports here.

You can already see what kind of bounty you got in the overview. What was it for you? Also, your hero got slightly injured - to deal with this; I will now give them some ointments.

Your reward: 10 ointments. Click the ‘Collect reward’ button to receive this and continue on.

Task 13

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