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Task 07: Trade

Task Name: Trade

Description: Existing offers on the marketplace can be seen when clicking on "buy". Check the exchange rate and the distance. Should you not be able to find a suitable offer, click on "offer" to create an offer yourself.

How to do this task: Create a marketplace offer or accept one. This is a task than can be completed in one of two ways. Both start by clicking on the marketplace. From here you can either click the ‘Buy’ or ‘Offer’ tab. We will start by clicking on the ‘Buy’ tab.
Here you can see the offers that other players have made around you. If there is an offer there you like and can accept you can accept it in order to finish this task. The other option is to place on offer on the market and we can do this through the ‘Offer’ tab so click on it now. In this area you can offer resources up for a trade with another player. There are two entry fields and in here you can enter the amount of resource you are offering and the amount you want to receive for it. The more even this amount the more likely it will be accepted. You can also specify the maximum transport time to ensure your merchants don’t spend days travelling. Set up any trade here to complete the task. You will then be able to see a summary of these items on this page as seen below. You can also choose to cancel trades here.

You can read more about the marketplace here.

Reward: lumber 100 clay 99  iron 99 getreide.gif 99


Task 8

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