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Getting Farmed

What am I supposed to do when I get farmed?
Getting farmed is when one or more players attack you all day long.


The best defence: the cranny or in the case you happen to be a Gaul, combine it with a trapper.
Very cheap and almost every player has one. It saves you from losing everything. You should even build it when you are not (yet) farmed.
Always keep your cranny as high as you need to save your resources. An overflow should not happen save the time when you are online.

The marketplace
Resources you offer at the marketplace will be plundered if the attacking troops have still enough room after emptying your warehouse and granary!

Psychological aspects

Knowing how to play is one thing but being good at diplomacy and strength of will is at least as important, especially for the defender.

  • Stay calm and friendly at all times!
  • Friends in the neighbourhood can be helpful
  • Defend yourself creatively
  • Think about possible consequences
  • Don't sulk if you lose

At the beginning the farmer just wants your resources. If you start insulting him, he'll be after your head and the situation will become worse for sure.


The goal of every strategy has to be the fact that the attacker does not get anything, rather lose something when he attacks you.

The meanie

The cranny is your main "weapon". Get it high enough that even a Teuton won't get anything after you have been off line for half a day.

  • Build something
  • Send your resources away

The hedgehog

Save your resources via "The meanie" in addition you build a decent defence (combat simulator!) which is sufficient to take out the raiding squad.


Keep in mind the psychological basis of being farmed. The following things can be counted as psychological:

  • Joining an alliance

    Your goal would be to join a well known and good alliance with which the attacker can not cope. In many cases you'll even get the stolen resources back but remember that some persons will just attack you for being in a specific alliance!

  • Direct contact with the farmer

    A very tricky topic, there is this giant farming a dwarf, why would he want to stop? - Exactly!

    There is just one reason: simple courtesy and this is what your message should look like, a friendly and nice plea to stop the farming. Keep in mind that not everybody likes "PLEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASE" in every line but you shouldn't overdo it, either.

    In the end there is no guarantee that the player will stop attacking you but in many cases this will at least help you a bit.

    If you are not sure that you can write an effecient IGM, don't do it at all. The attacker might feel insulted and increase the attacks.

  • Contact with the alliance

    Ask your own alliance for help or message the alliance of the attacker, perhaps they are willing to help you.

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