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[T4.2] Production Overview

In T4.2 you have the opportunity to check over your production details. Click on one of the fields displaying your stored amounts.

After that, you are able to access a table with detailed information about production.

There you can see the productions for Lumber, Clay, Iron and Crop:

Production per hour: It's the production of each field per hour. You can see level of the field and its current, net production. There you can see a column “Bonus”. Bonus is a production added by constructed buildings or oases.

Production bonus: It's a bonus given by buildings and oasis annexed to the village. Its total is given in a percentage.

Total production per hour: It is a total production with the addition of your Hero's production. There you can also purchase gold bonus production.


Balance is a special tab displaying free crop, bonus crop production, consumptions of buildings and troops and at the end, the total crop production.

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